Our Staff

Vital to the success of a Catholic school is a cohesive, charitable team of educators who put the children's interests first.

Our Lady of Sorrows Academy is blessed to have teachers who have a love for what they do, and a dedication to their students. Please read more about our teachers on our staff bios page.


Mrs. Sharryl Pryor


Mrs. Jeanene Wantland

1st & 2nd Grade

Mrs. Katherine Young


Miss Rosemary Rosario

3rd & 4th Grade

Miss Margaret Schermann


Mrs. Marcia Schermann

5th & 6th Grade

Miss Karen Maddeford

TA & PE (7-12 Girls)

Miss Brigid Evans

7th & 8th Grade

English & History

Mr. Stephen Gaudreau

Boys PE


Latin: 7/8th; 11/12th 


Math: 7th & 12th

Miss Juliana Maddeford

English, History &

Government 11/12th

Miss Rose McClanahan

HS Math and Science Mr. Jeff Kalb

Religion 7/8th

Math 8th

Fr. Peter Kallal

Science 7/8th

Latin, English, History


Mr. Gregory Williams

Religion HS Boys

Music 7-12

Fr. Christopher Pedersen

Religion HS Girls

Fr. Mark McFarland