Our Staff

Vital to the success of a Catholic school is a cohesive, charitable team of educators who put the children's interests first.

Our Lady of Sorrows Academy is blessed to have teachers who have a love for what they do, and a dedication to their students. Please read more about our teachers on our staff bios page.

Academy Administration

Fr. McFarland Headmaster
Fr. Pedersen Principal
Mrs. Sharryl Pryor Receptionist

Lower Academy

Teacher / TA Grade(s)
Mrs. Jeanene Wantland Kindergarten
Mrs. Katherine Young 1st & 2nd
Miss Brigid Evans TA
Miss Margaret Schermann    3rd & 4th
Miss Elizabeth Mioni TA
Miss Bernadette Williams 5th & 6th
Miss Rebecca Pedersen TA

Upper Academy

Teacher Subject(s) / Grades
Mr. Gregory Williams Junior High Science, Language Arts
and History
Mr. Jeff Kalb Junior High Math, Geometry and Physics
Miss Karen Maddeford Junior High Language Arts, Math, and Latin; 
Latin and Advanced Math
Miss Theresa Latz Junior High Language Arts, Physical Science,
History and Language Arts
Mr. Steven Gaudreau Junior High History, Physical Education (Boys)
Fr. McFarland Religion (Girls)
Fr. Pedersen Religion (Boys), Music,
Logic (11th & 12th)
Fr. Kallal Junior High Religion
Mrs. Heather Weber Upper Academy Art
Miss Brigid Evans Physical Education (Girls)