Students Recall their Field Trip to the Pioneer Museum

April 08, 2022
Source: Academy Phoenix
On March 25th, the fifth and sixth grades enjoyed a field trip to the Pioneer Museum.

On their visit to the Pioneer museum, the children saw the 1929 Baldwin Locomotive No. 12 used in Northern Arizona’s logging industry, explored the wooded grounds to find a 1913 Model T and historic farm equipment, experienced stories of trailblazing individuals who dared to drive change in Flagstaff, examined a 1950s Iron Lung ventilator used to treat polio patients, and much more. View the extensive photo gallery of the field trip and read some students' accounts below.

I, a sixth grade student, went on a field trip on March 25 to the Pioneer Museum and we had a lot of fun. At the Pioneer Museum we saw a village of how the pioneer villages looked like. I am going to tell you about my favorite buildings.
One of my favorite buildings was the schoolhouse. The schoolhouse was very cool because it was one room and there were chalkboards to draw on. Another was the teacherage. The teacherage was a small home for the teacher to live in. It is right by the schoolhouse, so the teachers can get to school quicker. In the teacherage is a bed and a place to wash up with a pitcher of water and a bucket to pour it in. There was a little nightstand and mirror. There was a place to eat and dishes. I liked these because I want to teach and being a student helps me see how fun teaching can be. Thanks to a wonderful teacher, I have loved school this year and look forward to it every day. I hope many more may enjoy Miss Thomet and enjoy this school.

- Juliana M., sixth grade student


On March 25, 2022 the fifth and sixth graders of Our Lady of Sorrows Academy went on a field trip to the Pioneer Living Museum. They spent their whole morning looking at old houses and panning for gold and answering some questions on their scavenger hunt they did and that was followed by lunch. In the afternoon, they spent time looking at old buildings such as the schoolhouse, the church, the bank and so much more!

- Angela P., sixth grade student


The 6th grade class had the opportunity to go on a field trip on March twenty fifth. It was very exciting and interesting to learn about our ancestors! The Pioneer Museum is more like a village with houses and cabins and shops. A few cabins were made out of mud and wood, so it would be much cooler in the summer. There was a barber shop and a general store that had canned food, an old telephone, and a few other necessaries. It was a tiny little store and an old one but it had all the necessaries you would need and was very convenient. We also went panning for gold! Not real gold, but fools gold. We did this because it is what they did in the time of the Pioneers. We also went to their church; it was big and had two pions. There was a school house that had desks of all sizes. We visited the bank, a red brick building. We visited the Merrit Farm, a house that was in Glendale for eighty years! My favorite was the Victorian house, a 100-year old house. The paint was peeling and some of the porch rails ahd fallen but inside it was so interesting to look at! In one room it had a few instrumens and odd-looking chairs. It also had a bedroom, dining room, kitchen and living room. And that was our trip to the Pioneer Museum!

- Andrea S., sixth grade student