A New Academic Year 2020

September 18, 2020
Source: Academy Phoenix

Our Lady of Sorrows Academy begins classes.

Our Lady of Sorrows Academy has resumed classes for the 2020-21 academic year.  Happily, enrollment is up to 93, with many new families having joined the academy.

The summer in Phoenix was long and hot, with a record breaking string of close to fifty days over 110 degrees! Students and teachers were glad to get back to the classroom, especially after the craziness of COVID-19.  The restrictions in Arizona are not as stringent as in other states, in particular for private schools, so thankfully education can continue as normal.  What a blessing for our students, as unfortunately many schools around the country remain closed until January.

The value of the continued formation of the hearts and minds of children can not be measured - this is a reality that so many in government have failed to appreciate adequately, moved as they are by an exaggerated fear of this virus.  With this in mind, Our Lady of Sorrows Academy continues its mission to teach, convinced of the importance of this work.

Please pray for a successful year!