Lessons of the 2023 Baseball Season

May 26, 2023
Source: Academy Phoenix

Cavalier, Dominic Young, reflects on this baseball season.

The Cavalier 2023 baseball season was an enjoyable and successful one.  This year, true comradery was seen as the boys pushed each other on, correcting them, congratulating them, and lifting their spirits to "play on".  Baseball is not simply a sport; it is a passion.  The competition between the two teams; the challenge of making contact and giving each play your "all", adds to the passion of the game.  Thank you to all Cavalier supporters for cheering us on.  Next year with our two seniors gone we will have some big shoes to fill.  We look forward to the season and plan to give a challenge to the teams of CAA.  Honor, dedication, integrity and in all thing nobility!  Go Cavaliers!

Written by Dominic Young
Photos by Stephanie Riley