Graduation Ceremony 2020

June 11, 2020
Source: Academy Phoenix
Our Lady of Sorrows Academy graduation June 6, 2020 (photography courtesy of A. Hall)

Graduation commenced with the Mass sung by the High School girls’ choir. It was fitting that this day occurred on the Saturday within the octave of Pentecost, since it is only by the light of the Holy Ghost the mission of teaching is accomplished. The whole school assisted as Fr. McFarland offered the Holy Sacrifice in thanksgiving for all the graces received during this academic year.

Following Mass the parents and students made their way to the Performing Arts Center, where Fr. Pedersen, the principal, gave the commencement address.

His main point was that a man is only what he has received. Each man is a product of the society, both familial and social in which he is raised. Modern man is deprived of so much, that he is formed to be a revolutionary, as is seen in the recent unrest caused by the anti-police brutality riots. The modern man tries to be something, whereas he doesn’t even know what he is, nor does he acknowledge any dependence on others. So he creates his own reality in his blind pride, and is separated from authority, from tradition, from the truth.

However, the true spirit is to recognize all that we have received, and to continue to be docile before the truth, in order to be formed by reality that God has created - part of that being authority and the Catholic school. Once one has done this, and the students hopefully have done so, then they can go out and share the truth that they have received. The students of the Catholic school have received more - now they must inspire others. They will only be able to do this if they continue to recognize their dependence on the reality - God.

Father concluded by telling the graduates: "don’t make a difference". Rather, they should try to be what God wants them to be by humbly following Divine Providence through fidelity to their duty of state. It is God dwelling in the soul who will enable them to do things truly great.

A beautiful performance by the choir was succeeded by the valedictory speeches, and the presentation of diplomas. The happy graduates processed out to conclude the ceremonies of the day. May they be faithful to what they have received.