District Religion Awards and Academy Honor Roll Recipients Announced

June 08, 2018
Source: Academy Phoenix

Our Lady of Sorrows students cumulatively placed second nationally in the US District Religion Exams, and accepted their Honor Roll achievements on May 25.

In the last week of the academic year, the lower school (K-6) at Our Lady of Sorrows Academy was presented with awards for individual merit, with recognition given for success in various subjects. As well, the junior-high  and high school awards were presented, with a large proportion of our students achieving honor roll status.

During the upper academy awards ceremony, the results from the SSPX US District national religion examination were announced, with Our Lady of Sorrows placing second nationally, achieving a cumulative score of 86.0%.

Additionally, three students were recognized for placing among the top 20 of all high school Seniors:

  • Clare Obernuefemann - 5th place overall, 93%
  • Luke Maneely - 17th place overall, 91%
  • Abigail Paz - 18th place overall, 91%


Honor Roll Recipients

Summa Cum Laude - Average of 97%, no final grade below 90%

Ignatius DeMark
Dominique DeMark
Clare Obernuefemann
Tyler Tuckness

Magna Cum Laude - Average of 94%, no final grade below 87%

Thomas Obernuefemann
Emma Wilkerson
Kayla Pryor
Samuel Maneely
Cecilia Obernuefemann
Adam Wilkerson
Abigail Paz

Cum Laude - Average of 90%, no final grade below 83%

Noah Henry
Ellie Maneely
Sebastian DeMark
Mary Howard
Brennon Madrigal
Joseph Howard
Kassandra Avila-Perez
Luke Maneely