Cavaliers Raffle

September 03, 2021
Source: Academy Phoenix

Purchase tickets at drawings are held on the 1st Friday of every month.


  • Entries cost $25 dollars each. ( 1 entry = 1 assigned number in the raffle)
  • One purchased entry will grant the entrant into one year's worth of drawings (i.e. $25 dollars puts you in 12 drawings, which comes out to about $2.02 a drawing)
  • Even if an entrant wins for a given month, their entry will still remain in the pool for future drawings until their 12th drawing is up. (thus you could win, in theory, up to 12 times with one entry!)

How to purchase

  • Purchase raffle tickes by completing the entry form at
  • All entrants will be notified of their entrance into the raffle and receive their assigned numbers via the email they provide us with.
  • Please note that each purchased entry will enter you in next month's drawing, not the current month's drawing. (i.e. if you buy a ticket on January 1st, you will be entered in the drawing for February).


  • Each month, one number will be randomly selected from all the enrolled numbers to win the $200 monthly prize. Additionally, the next higher enrolled number and the next lower enrolled number from the number selected will each win secondary prizes of $50. Winners and losers will be notified by email of who won.
  • Checks will then be mailed to the address we have on file for the winners (which they provided us with when they entered).

School Notes

  • We ask each family (not student) to sell 10 tickets now through June 30th. 
  • For each ticket sold over and above that magic number of 10, $10 of each additional ticket sold may be put towards past, current or future tuition.
  • In order for a family to get credit for a ticket, their family name must be filled in by the purchaser when they buy their ticket(s). There is a place for this on the website form, but you will have to remind the purchaser to do this.


If there are any questions, suggestions or feedback about part of this process please email: 

[email protected]