2020-2021 academic year enrollment to use FACT SIS and FACTS Family Portal

April 28, 2020
Source: Academy Phoenix

Dear Families,

We have prepared enrollment for the new academic year of 2020-2021. This year we will be using a new FACTS Student Information System (FACTS SIS). As we transition into a new system to manage all our student data, please bear with us as we iron out the process. 

Please note that the application (updated) deadline is June 22, 2020 for both new and existing families.

New Families

New families that will be enrolling should call the school office to set up an appointment (602)-305-7183.  Also, fill out the following online application form to get into the FACT SIS system.

Existing Families

Families that are re-enrolling will simply need to set up an online account with FACTS SIS and enter the information in the system.

The following are resources are for new and existing families.


Thank you for your patience.  This new system should help facilitate communication, data management, etc., and will be much easier to use for everyone.

Fr. Christopher Pedersen