2019 Jog-a-thon Thank You & Christmas Greetings

2019 Jog-a-thon Runners

Dear Friends, Families, and Benefactors,

“To the true of heart a light is risen up in the darkness: the Lord is merciful” (Ps 11:4). Christ is truly the light of the world, come that we may see, and in that seeing know the truth that God has saved us; and in that knowing, love our good Father in heaven, and His Son whom He has sent to earth. The mystery of the Incarnation should ever be a source of fresh wonder for us, as God saves that which was lost – the human race. Never will we be able to show sufficient gratitude, nor comprehend all the wonders that God has worked for His people. Yet we must try to enter more deeply into this mystery this Christmas, as we have been given the opportunity amidst the shadows of so much ignorance, to come to the crib.

Not only has God given us good through His Son, but He accomplishes marvels through the instrumentality of many people. We hope to be these cooperators in bringing the light of the knowledge of God to young souls, by teaching them these same eternal truths.

And good friends and benefactors, you too have cooperated with grace in this work by your contributions, both spiritual and material, for the continuation of Catholic education. Because of your generosity, the Jog-a-thon brought in more than $93,000 – a huge success! A great thank you as well to all our families, who worked so hard to surpass our goal by a huge margin and raise more money than any previous Jog-a-thon.

We thank you for such great kindness and promise to keep you ever in our prayers, particularly at the school Mass every week.

I will be offering a Novena of Masses for your intentions beginning on December 23rd.

On behalf of the entire school and faculty, I wish you all a most Blessed feast of Christmas. May God fill you with all His grace and light in this holy season.

In the Christ Child,
Christopher Pedersen+
Our Lady of Sorrows Academy